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Total Recall

Now that the real estate market is getting back on its feet, we can have a fuller appreciation of how important this segment of our economy really is. A recent analysis shows just how much buyers of new and existing homes spend on new furnishings, appliances, and remodeling. According to the study, during the first two years after closing on a house, buyers of new single-family homes will spend an average of $7,400 more than their counterparts who do not move. The majority of that amount ($4,900) is soent in the first year. As for buyers of existing simgle-family homes, they will spend about $4,000 more than homeowners who do not move, $3,600 of that amount in the first year.
Are you looking forward to purchasing real estate? The option of personalizing what you buy is something that compels many individuals to become buyers. We have a successful history of assiting buyers in your desired comminities. Contact us today. We will arrange an initial meeting to discuss your real estate aspirations. The office is conveniently located. You will benefit from our real estate knowledge and experience! "Our success has been built one satisfied customer at a time."

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HINT: Even when open-house visitors are not interested in buying, real estate agents can learn a lot from their feedback, which may pave the way for a future sale.
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